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Inspirational Gardens

Love & Peace Garden 
The most romantic spot at Keukenhof full on Flower Power hippy! Share your love for the Love & Peace garden with each other, fellow visitors and the rest of the world: Bed Peace – Hair Peace.

Strawberry Fields Garden 
This 1960’s garden was inspired by the Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’; between sumptuously flowering red tulips ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.  Thanks to the colourful rainbows and other iconic items this backdrop is perfect for selfies and very Instagrammable!

Happiness Garden  
Mindful gardening, movement, yoga, meditation: mindfulness is healthy. The combination of serene beauty and calm soothes body and mind. Make contact with nature, walk the barefoot path or sit in one of the meditation spots.

Flower Power Garden 
Flower Power is Keukenhof’s 2019 theme. At the park flowers bring people together from around the globe to enjoy the tulips, the smells and the colour. Brightly coloured, with hippies, peace & music, Flower Power evokes the spirit of the early 1970s. A great theme for Keukenhof’s 70th anniversary. Flower Power, the power of flowers!

Ibiza Garden 
Holidays, blue skies, sun and sea. A relaxed atmosphere beneath the palm trees, amid the rustling flowerbeds, sand, a boat & hammocks. Come and chill out in this Ibiza-lifestyle inspirational garden.
Forest Cabin Garden After a hectic week in the city. n this woodland garden with its rugged combinations of indigenous wild plants and flower bulbs provides nothing but enjoyment. The cabin is the perfect place to meet, tell stories, eat and play music after a day in the great outdoors.

The Green Machine Garden 
Every garden or balcony provides some space to grow something. One of the easiest options is a tea garden. There is a huge selection of herbs you can grow including mint, lemon balm, camomile, chocolate mint, aniseed and many, many more tasty plants. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the greenhouse.