The park

Which flowers are currently in bloom?
Over the decades, we have gained so much experience that we have become very good at predicting when our bulbs will flower. However, much depends on the weather and that’s why the bulbs’ development stage might differ a little. During the season, we regularly post flower reports of what is currently in bloom. Click here to find out.
When is the best time to visit Keukenhof?
Flowering at Keukenhof parallels that in nature. That is why we cannot say in advance which time is the best to visit Keukenhof. The crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and early tulips flower at the start of the season. Other flowers bloom later in the season such as the (larger) tulips. Our pavilions feature entrancing flower shows from the first to the last day of the season. Click here for the latest flower report.
Want to enjoy the peace and quiet of Keukenhof? It is less busy before 10.30 and after 16:00. The light of the morning and evening sun allows you to take wonderful photographs. It is also less busy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday than on the other days of the week.
How can I pay at Keukenhof?
Keukenhof is completely cashless. This means you can only pay by debit of credit cards. Paying in cash is not possible.
Can I take a cruise through the flowerbulb fields?
To complete your visit to Keukenhof you can take a boat trip through the endless flowerbulb fields that surround the park. The electrically powered boat does not cruise through Keukenhof. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office next to the mill in Keukenhof or via the online ticketshop. Tickets for a tour through the flower fields around Keukenhof can be ordered here.
Can I bring my own food and drinks?
Yes, you may bring your own food and drinks. Please note that you are not allowed to bring your own food into the restaurants. There is a picnic area and several benches in the park where you can have your own food.
Can I cycle through the park?
No. Keukenhof is a pedestrian park. You can rent bicycles from the car park near the main entrance to explore the surrounding area by bike.
Are dogs allowed in the park?
Dogs are allowed into Keukenhof as long as they are on a leash and there is a maximum of 1 dog per person. Dogs are not allowed into the pavilions or restaurants with the exception of guide or support dogs. Dog excrement bags are available free of charge at the ticket entrance.
When is the Flower Parade?
The Flowerparade will take place on Saturday 12 April 2025.  More information of the Flowerparade can be found at the organization’s website: Please note: It will be especially busy in the Bulb Region and Keukenhof on this day. Make sure you are in the park before 12:00 am. After that time, a number of roads in the Bollenstreek will be closed for the Flower Parade. You won’t be able to reach Keukenhof then. The roads will reopen from 5:00 pm. If you only want to visit Keukenhof on this day, we advise you to choose another day.
May I fly a drone over the park?
No. In connection with visitor safety, the flying of drones over or around the park is not permitted.
May I stroll through the flower bulb fields?
No. You may not walk through the flowe bulb fields as this damages the bulbs. The fields are also the private property of the bulb growers. You are permitted to take photographs from the road.
I lost an item at Keukenhof. Did you find it?
We collect all lost items and post them in iLost. Click here to see if your item has been found.
I ordered a parkbook online, where can I pick it up?
The parkbook provides information on Keukenhof. The park book is 4-lingual: Dutch, German, French and English. After placing an order, you will receive an email containing a voucher that allows you to collect the guide at the entrance


How can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be bought via Tickets can be purchased online. The tickets are valid on a specific date during the opening season with arrival expected during a predetermined timeslot.
What does a ticket cost?
Ticket sales are through Tickets are available online and valid on a fixed date in a predetermined time slot.
  • Entrance ticket adult: € 19,50 (ticket office € 23.00)
  • Entrance ticket child 4-17 years: € 9,00 (0 to 3 years free)
  • Parking car or motor: € 8,00
Can ticket quantities be modified?
Tickets purchased through can be changed in numbers up to 4 days (from the reserved time slot) before arrival. This can only be done by cancelling the entire booking (costs €2.50 per booking). You can do this by sending an e-mail to You can then book new tickets with the correct numbers, provided they are still available. Extra tickets can also be ordered in a new booking.
What time slots can I reserve as arrival times?
The park is open daily between 8am and 7.30pm. Keukenhof works with time slots of half an hour as arrival time. So you can choose from time slots like: 8.00 – 8.30 am, 8.30 – 9.00 am. The last time slot is 6.00 – 6.30 pm (Please note that the park closes at 7.30 pm. This means you can spend a maximum of one and a half hours in the park).
If a time slot is full, can I buy a ticket at the ticket office?
Tickets are available online and valid on a fixed date in a predetermined time slot. Purchase your tickets online early to avoid disappointment.
Are tickets personalized?
No, tickets are not personalized. It is not a problem if there is a different name on the ticket.
Can I book tickets within 4 days of arrival?
Booking tickets within 4 days before arrival is possible. You cannot change numbers or cancel this booking after payment. Changing the day or time slot is still possible up to 24 hours before arrival. This can be done via the link in the confirmation e-mail, if still available.
Can I rebook tickets to another day or timeslot?
Tickets purchased through can be modified to another date or timeslot until 24 hours before arrival by the link in the confirmation mail, provided it is still available.
Can I also arrive before or after my timeslot?
Arrival must take place in the timeslot assigned to tickets purchased through
What if I am not going to make my timeslot?
For tickets booked through, the arrival time within your booked time slot applies. If the arrival is earlier or later due to traffic, we are flexible in handling these arrival time slots. Should the arrival deviate from the time slot, there is a possibility that the park is too full and you may have to wait a while to enter.
Can I cancel tickets?
Tickets purchased via can be cancelled up to 4 days before arrival (cost €2.50 per booking). You can do this by sending an e-mail to Once the cancellation has been processed, the amount to be received will be refunded to your account (minus €2.50 administration fee). The processing time at our ticketpartner Ticketcounter usually is around 7 days. Cancellation within 4 days of arrival is not possible.
What is the Annual pass?
A Keukenhof Spring Pass gives you access to the world’s most beautiful spring park throughout its opening hours. Click here for more information.
Is the Annual pass personalized?
Yes, the Annual pass is personal and therefore non-transferable. Keukenhof employees have the right to ask you for personal identification when entering the park. If the Annual pass is misused, it will be confiscated.
Do i need to book a timeslot with the Annual pass?
No, you do not need to book a time slot with a Annual pass.
How can I buy a combi ticket (entrance + public transport)?
With public transport you travel quickly and comfortably to Keukenhof. Buy a combiticket to get both your entrance ticket for Keukenhof and the ticket for your journey by public transport on that day. Combitickets are available in the online ticket shop.
Are there special prices for groups of school children?
There are group tickets available for both primary and secondary school children (4 to 18 years old) and their supervisors for €6 per person. Minimum group: 15 students. Coaches park for free, parking costs €8 per car. Click here for more information.
How long can I stay in the park?
The time slot booked through serves as the arrival time of your visit. Once inside, you can stay until closing time. In our experience, the average length of stay for visitors at Keukenhof is 3 hours.
How much do group tickets cost?
Group tickets (20 to 80 tickets per booking) can be purchased at You pay €19,00 per ticket for adults.
How many tickets can I order?
You can order up to 200 tickets per season using the ticket shop.
Must tickets be paid for immediately?
Tickets ordered through have to be paid immediately.
I bought tickets from an organization other than Keukenhof. Can I cancel?
Please contact the company you bought your tickets from. Look for contact details on their website.
Can my ticket be scanned from my smartphone?
Yes, it can. Please ensure your screen’s brightness is set to 100%.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my ticket order?
Via your confirmation e-mail, you can change the day of arrival and time slot of your ticket order (up to 24 hours before arrival). By sending an email to, you can cancel the entire booking up to 4 days before arrival (costs € 2,50 per booking).  For questions concerning tickets purchased (orders) it is best to contact Ticket Counter by mail:


Can I park at Keukenhof?
Parking at Keukenhof is possible with a pre-purchased parking ticket. You can book your entrance ticket and parking token at the same time, online at Parking costs € 8 and the car park closes at 19:30. A limited number of charging stations for electric cars are available in the car park, near the main entrance.   When you leave the car park, your parking ticket will be checked.
What does parking cost?
The parking fee for cars is € 8 per car. You can buy car park tickets online in the ticketshop. Coach parking is free.
Can I park my camper van at Keukenhof?
Yes, during your visit to Keukenhof you can park your camper (>5 m) in our parking lot. You can buy a special camper parking ticket online for € 10,00. Buying a camper parking ticket can only be done in combination with a Keukenhof entrance ticket and there is limited availability. Please note that recreation or staying overnight in the parking lot is not allowed and the parking lot closes at 7:30 pm.  There are several campsites in the area where you can recreate or stay overnight.
Where can coaches park?
Coaches can park for free in the parking area next to the main entrance.
Where can I park my bicycle/moped?
There are bicycle racks at both entrances to the park. You can park your bicycle or moped there for free.
Are there charging stations for electric cars/bicycles at the park?
There are a limited number of charging stations for electric cars in the car park near the main entrance. You can ask the parking attendant where to find these when you drive into the car park. In the case of an emergency, it is possible to charge your electric bicycle at the bicycle rental.
Does the park have Wifi?
Free Wi-Fi is available around the pavilions at the park.
Can I rent a wheelchair at Keukenhof?
Manual wheelchairs are available for rent for €5 in the Keukenhof ticketshop. Use of electric wheelchairs is allowed. Electric wheelchairs are not available for rent at Keukenhof. Booking a wheelchair can be done in the ticket shop when you buy your ticket or via this link
Can I store my luggage during my visit to Keukenhof?
Smaller items can be stored for free in the lockers located next to the main entrance. The dimensions of the lockers are 25x55x45 cm. You can leave bigger luggage at the luggage depot during your visit. You will find the depot near the entrance of Keukenhof.
Are there any restaurants at the park?
Yes, there are various restaurants at the park. Furthermore, there are a variety of mobile food & beverage outlets throughout the park. Fore more information click here.  
Where can I rent bicycles?
You can rent bicycles at the car park, next to the main entrance so you can explore the surrounding area by bike. Please take into account that you may not walk through the bulb fields as this damages the bulbs. The fields are the growers’ private property. You are permitted to take photographs from the road. More information and online booking. 
Can i stay overnight near Keukenhof?
It is not possible to stay overnight at Keukenhof, but several accommodations can be found near Keukenhof. Click here for more information about staying overnight in the Bulb Region and the possible accommodations.