Testing for access

What is testing for access (Testen voor Toegang)?
The Testen voor Toegang platform was set up by Stichting Open Nederland [the open the Netherlands foundation] registered under KvK [chamber of commerce] number: 81917503. Stichting Open Nederland wishes to contribute to the reopening of social life in the Netherlands. Certain cultural, social and sports events can be attended again if people have valid proof of a negative Covid-19 test. The government will determine when which social events will be accessible again and under which conditions.
Why is Keukenhof collaborating with Testen voor Toegang?
The Dutch population wants outdoor activities such as a visit to Keukenhof. That is why Keukenhof, in collaboration with the government and other sectors is studying the options for doing so in a safe, responsible manner.
Will Keukenhof be allowed to open to visitors after the pilot days on 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18 April 2021?
No, the goal is to reopen the Netherlands as safely as possible on the basis of the experiences gathered during the pilot days. Keukenhof will open again as soon as it is possible to do so safely. Our wonderful, blooming spring park is ready to receive visitors in a safe, responsible manner.
What does testing entail?
Answers to questions concerning testing can be found here.

Ticketsales pilot programme

How can I purchase tickets?
In 5 steps:
  1. Book one or more tickets to a maximum of 6 tickets per person at: www.keukenhof.nl.
  2. Make an appointment for a free test on the dutch testenvoortoegang.nl website. Please note:
    • Upon arrival at Keukenhof the test results may be no more than 40 hours old.
    • Testing can only take place after an appointment at a specially designated testing location has been made using the link above.
    • A vaccination card, a negative test from a different testing location or a negative self-test are NOT valid for a visit to Keukenhof.                                                                                                  The test results will be emailed to you within an hour.
  1. Download the CoronaCheck app to your smartphone from the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Fill the code you received in the email with the test results in in the CoronaCheck app: you will then immediately receive digital proof of being tested.
  3. Visit Keukenhof on the day and at the time you booked for and show the following if requested:
    • Proof of testing in the CoronaCheck app (the negative test result)
    • Your Keukenhof ticket
    • Your ID
How does the timeslot system work?
For tickets booked from: www.keukenhof.nl you have to arrive inside the timeslot you booked.
Should children be tested?
Entry is free for children under 12 and they don’t need to test.
How many tickets can I purchase?
There is a maximum of 6 tickets per person.
How much are the tickets?
Tickets cost € 18.50. Visitors aged 12 and up need proof of testing and a ticket. Entry is free for children under 12. It costs € 6 to park your car.
Can I buy tickets if I am a foreign passport holder?
Yes. Foreign passport holders can also buy tickets and register for a test at: testenvoortoegang.nl.
Can I transfer my ticket to someone else if I am unable to make it?
No. Tickets are strictly personal and non-transferrable.
Can I cancel my ticket for one of the pilot days?
If the testenvoortoegang.nl test was positive, you can cancel your ticket. To do so, contact Ticketcounter: info@ticketcounter.nl. Enclose proof of a positive test. Only then will you be eligible for a refund.
Can I change date or timeslot?
No. During the pilot days you cannot change your ticket’s date or timeslot.
When will I receive my tickets?
You will be sent an email with your tickets to Keukenhof after finalising the booking.
How long can I stay at the park?
On average visitors spend 3 hours at Keukenhof.
Can my ticket be scanned from my smartphone?
Yes it can. If you wish to do so, please ensure screen brightness is at 100%.
Who do I contact with questions about my ticket order?
For questions concerning tickets you can contact Ticketcounter: info@ticketcounter.nl.
What do I have to bring to Keukenhof?
Your ticket, valid proof of testing in the CoronaCheck app (negative test result) and an ID.
How does Keukenhof implement Covid-19 measures at the park?
Keukenhof adheres to the guidelines in the ‘Veilig Samen Uit’ [safely out together] protocol that was drawn up for major day trip destinations in the Netherlands. Keukenhof enforces social distancing, ensures sufficient, comprehensible information and additional hygiene measures. Keukenhof is permitted to receive a maximum number of visitors per day.

Accessibility during pilot programme

Will food and beverages be available at the park during the pilot days?
There will be various takeaway options throughout the park. You can only pay by card.
Can I bring my own food and drink during the pilot days?
You may do so. Takeaway food and beverages will also be available at the park.
Can I use the toilet at Keukenhof during the pilot days?
A number of sanitary facilities will be accessible.
Can I travel to Keukenhof using public transport during the pilot days?
During the pilot days you cannot use the Keukenhof Express to travel to Keukenhof.
Are dogs allowed during the pilot days?
A maximum of one, leashed dog per person is allowed at Keukenhof.
Can I park at Keukenhof during the pilot days?
Keukenhof has plenty of parking spaces available. Parking costs € 6. Charging stations for electric vehicles are available in the car park by the main entrance.
Can I rent a wheelchair during the pilot days?
No. During the pilot days it is not possible to rent a wheelchair.
Can I rent a locker during the pilot days?
No. There are no lockers for rent during the pilot days.