The park

When is Keukenhof open?
In 2021 Keukenhof will be open from Saturday March 20 until Sunday May 9.
Where can I buy entrance tickets?
Tickets will be available from autumn 2020 at our webshop. Please print your tickets or download the tickets to your mobile device.
Who do I contact for questions about my ticket order?
For questions about your ticketorder please contact Ticketcounter: / +31 10 751 6400
I ordered a park book online. Can I pick it up at Keukenhof?
The park book is filled with information about Keukenhof. After your order you will receive a voucher by email to hand in at the information desk.
Can I bring my own food and beverage items into the park?
Yes, you are allowed to bring outside food and beverage items into the park for self-consumption. Keukenhof has a picnic area and various benches throughout the park where you can sit down to eat. You are not allowed to take your own food or beverages inside our restaurants.
Is cycling allowed in Keukenhof?
No, cycling is not allowed in Keukenhof. However, you can rent bikes next to the main entrance to explore the surrounding flowerbulb area.
Are dogs allowed in the park?
Yes, dogs are welcome in Keukenhof as long as they remain on a leash. Dogs are not allowed in the pavilions or restaurants with exception of guide dogs. Dog poop bags are available for free at the ticket collectors.
When is the Flower Parade?
The Flowerparade will take place on Saturday 17 April 2021. More information on the Flowerparade can be found at
Can I walk through the bulb fields?
No, it is not permitted as this land is owned by flower bulb growers. However, you can take photographs from the road or alongside the fields.
I lost something in Keukenhof. Did you find it?
We collect lost items in iLost. Click here to see whether your lost item was found.
Can I fly a drone in the park?
In the Netherlands it is illegal to fly a drone above crowds or near airports. This means drone use is prohibited in and around Keukenhof.
Where can coaches park?
Coaches park for free at the parking lot next to the main entrance.


Can I park at Keukenhof?

Yes, parking costs 6 euros and the parking lot closes at 7.30 p.m. Charging points for electric cars are available in the parking lot at the main entrance.

Can my ticket be scanned from my smartphone?
Yes, that is possible. By turning up the brightness on your phone screen you make it easier for us to scan the ticket.
Are there charging stations for electric cars and bicycles?
Yes, charging stations for electric cars are located in the parking lot outside the main entrance. The charging station for electric bikes is located at Entrance Extra.
Where can I park my bicycle / scooter?
There are free bicycle parking facilities at both entrances of the park. The charging stations for electric bikes are located at Entrance Extra.
Are there restaurants in the park?
There are a lot of restaurants in Keukenhof. You can eat poffertjes [tiny Dutch pancakes] or go to an Italian or Asian restaurant. Across the park you will also encounter a number of mobile food outlets with delicious snacks like strawberries, herring or hotdogs.
Where can I rent bicycles?
You can rent bikes to explore the surrounding flowerbulb area at the parking lot next to the main entrance.
Can I park my camper van overnight at Keukenhof?
You can park your camper van in the parking lot for €6 per day. However, you cannot stay overnight as the parking lot will close at 19:30. There are various campsites in the area for you to stay at.