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Enjoy coffee, a drink or a delicious lunch with millions of flowers in view! Keukenhof has five pavilions housing colourful, atmospheric restaurants. Various waffles, smoked, boiled sausage rolls or tasty raw, young herring [Hollandse Nieuwe] are served throughout the park.


Wilhelmina Pavilion

Enjoy traditional Dutch hospitality. Situated on the lake, we serve authentic dishes with a modern twist.

Juliana Pavilion

The park's oldest pavilion has a superb terrace where you can enjoy coffee, hot drinks and tasty snacks.

Oranje Nassau Pavilion

Enjoy a delectable soup or salad. 

Willem Alexander Pavilion

The menu features Asian dishes for you to discover. The inner terrace with its colourful view is a perfect backdrop for a delicious cup of coffee.

Beatrix Pavilion

The authentic dishes with an Italian touch create an atmosphere of tradition and splendour.

Restaurant Entreegebouw

After a romantic day at Keukenhof, take the weight off at the restaurant in the entrance building which serves Italian food and hamburgers.

Tea Pavilion

Enjoy all kinds of teas and sweet snacks with a view of the bulb fields. The Tea Pavilion is located next to the inspirational gardens.

Poffertjes house

Alongside the playground and petting farm, we serve the tastiest poffertjes (mini pancakes) for young and old.

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