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Historical Garden

The Historic Garden highlights 400 years of tulip cultivation in the Netherlands. The garden relates the tulip’s origins, there is a reconstruction of the Clusius garden planted with tulips that have, in some cases, been cultivated for four centuries.

Historical garden.jpg

Inspirational Gardens

Keukenhof is a park for you to enjoy, but you can also gain inspiration for your own home or garden. The inspirational gardens are aligned with current trends.

Cupid's Garden

Will Cupid’s arrows touch you in this romantic garden? Pause at the ‘kissing gate’. Gaze into your secret lover’s eyes surrounded by red and white flowers.

Holiday Romance

Holidays, blue skies, sun and sea: the ingredients for love. A garden full of romantic corners for two. A tropical atmosphere under the palm trees, revelling in the sunny colours of the bulb flowers. 

Rob's Garden

Keukenhof is a park for you to enjoy, but you can also gain inspiration for your own home and garden. Rob Verlinden will once again create a special garden for Keukenhof in 2018. 

Rebel Garden

Anything and everything is permitted, enjoy your rebelliousness and ignore what other people think. There are no rules here. Wildly colourful, a humorous, fun look at gardening. .

Delft Blue Garden

Holland, water, windmills and, of course, Delft blue, the Netherlands at its purest with tulips. Lots of blue and white spring flowers with a dash of red here and there. Naturally, with loads of inspiration for your home! 

Hipster Garden

An edgy garden, this is his garden. The outdoor man cave. Spending time outdoors: hands in the soil, chopping wood, meat on the BBQ and a beer.
A real man’s garden, for tough ladies too.

Tea Garden

Every garden or balcony has room to grow something. A tea garden is really easy. So many plants to choose from: Swiss mint, lemon balm, camomile, chocolate mint, aniseed, verbena and many more. What could be more fun than a freshly made cup of tea from your own garden?

Health Garden

Being outside in nature provides rest and relaxation. Luckily there are an increasing number of rooftop gardens at office blocks and hospitals. An hour outdoors in the sun does wonders. For the urbanites among us, consider creating a green space outdoors so you can breathe clean, fresh air, daily.


Delft Blue Garden.jpg