Hilltop Heaven
Hilltop Heaven draws its magical powers from the hundreds of spring flowers so bright they illuminate the sky. Follow the path to the top of the hill and look down on row upon row of petals and flowers. Featuring the perfect spot to take a selfie of your Keukenhof adventure, there’s no better place to enjoy the beauty of flowers and gain fresh inspiration for your garden design.
Beach Garden
Step into the tropical world of the Beach Garden Inspiration Garden, where the ambiance of Ibiza merges with the beauty of Keukenhof. Find yourself a shady spot among the wafting palms and thatch parasols and discover the many ways you can transform your own garden into an oasis like this. Indulge in the relaxed vibe of our bar amidst the abundance of spring flowers. Come and discover this oasis of tranquility and inspiration, where every corner unveils a new garden idea infused with a touch of Ibiza.
Mediterranean Garden
Embrace the sunny climes of Keukenhof’s enchanting Mediterranean Garden. You can’t help but linger in this land of intrigue, with terracotta hues, expressive plants and wood-based designs. Load up on the laid-back vibes and embrace the design’s edgy details in the form of quirky cactuses and other exotic plants.

Think you can’t recreate this design at more northerly latitudes? Think again! The Mediterranean Garden shows you how northern European gardens can have just as much flair as their southern counterparts.
Sounds of Spring
Listen closely and you’ll hear the beats, tones and chimes of the Sounds of Spring Garden. This unique garden is a symbiosis and symphony of art, music and nature where edgy graffiti art mixes with the ultimate hallmark of spring: triumphant bulbs in pots. The classical tunes and dazzling floral displays will help you tap into innovative garden ideas and find inspiration. Visit this special garden and discover a new way to celebrate spring and be inspired by nature’s soundtrack.
Romantic Mystery
Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than the Romantic Mystery garden. Celebrate love and romance at the heart of Keukenhof, amidst the array of flowers that will give you inspiration for your own garden. Who couldn’t say no to this enchanting garden’s picture-perfect pergola and heart of roses? If your heart yearns for more, check out the iconic and oh-so-romantic vintage motorbike with sidecar.

Art at Keukenhof

Keukenhof not only provides a backdrop for its 7 million spring-flowering bulbs, it is also a nice location for sculptures and other works of art that give the park an added dimension. Keukenhof is collaborating with 25 artists. The combination of a flowering park and visual art is amazing.

View art collection


Want to learn more about the park on your visit to Keukenhof? In the park book you'll find information about the park's history and highlights, and more. The park book is 4-lingual: Dutch, German, French and English.

The park book is available for €7 at the ticket office or souvenir stores of the park and through the online ticket shop.
After placing the online order, you will receive an email with a voucher to pick up your park book at the information desk at the park.