General terms and conditions (Park Regulations) of Bloemententoonstelling Keukenhof B.V. in Lisse

Entrance tickets : entrance tickets, e-tickets, Spring Passes.
Keukenhof : Bloemententoonstelling Keukenhof B.V. in Lisse,
Chamber of Commerce number: 62341138.
Park : Keukenhof grounds.

• The traffic regulations that apply in Keukenhof’s parking lots are the same as those on public roads. The maximum speed on the grounds is 10 km per hour.
• Instructions given by Keukenhof parking attendants must be followed at all times. Keukenhof is entitled to have cars removed from the grounds at the risk and for the account of visitors who do not observe the traffic regulations and/or instructions.

• Admittance to Keukenhof is only permitted with a valid entrance ticket. The entrance ticket must be presented to one of our superintendents on admittance to the park.
• Entrance tickets that have been issued for a particular period (e.g. season tickets or Spring Passes) remain the property of Keukenhof. They may be withdrawn if a pass holder’s conduct is in conflict with these park regulations.
• The entrance ticket must be kept for the duration of the visit and presented at the request of Keukenhof staff. The entrance ticket ceases to be valid on leaving the park.

• Visiting the park is entirely for the account and at the risk of visitors. Visitors are required to conduct themselves in accordance with generally accepted social standards. Visitors are also obliged to directly observe all the guidelines and instructions given by the park staff. If, in the opinion of park staff, the conduct of visitors is any way in conflict with these standards, guidelines or instructions, visitors may be denied further access to the park without any right on the part of a visitor to compensation for the costs of the entrance ticket or costs of whatever nature, which will be exclusively assessed by Keukenhof.

• Dogs are allowed in Keukenhof if they are leashed and there is a maximum of 1 dog per person. Dogs are not allowed in the pavilions and restaurants, with the exception of guide dogs for the disabled. Dog poop bags can be picked up free of charge from our entrance controllers. Other pets are not allowed in the park.
• Visitors must at all times observe the fire safety regulations and the instructions of external emergency services as well as Keukenhof staff members.
• While walking around the park, visitors must stay on the paths indicated. It is not permitted to walk on the grass, with the exception of the lawns specifically designated as open to the public.
• It is not permitted to enter the park other than on foot, in a wheelchair, pram or buggy. Other means of transport and personal attributes (balls, skates, (run) bicycles, Segways, scooters, skateboards) are not permitted. Special cases/situations will be assessed by the Duty Manager on behalf of Keukenhof’s management.
• The possession and bearing of weapons or potentially dangerous objects (such as fireworks) is forbidden during visits to the park. Keukenhof staff members are authorised to take custody of weapons and dangerous objects.
• Keukenhof staff members are authorised to request visitors to show personal means of identification.
• If a Keukenhof staff member ascertains that a visitor is under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances or in some other way disturbs the public order and/or safety, makes use of intrusive music bearers, treats the gardens with disrespect, is not wearing appropriate attire or harasses other visitors, he or she will be immediately refused admittance to the park or be removed from the park. Appropriate attire is understood as: at least a shirt, short trousers and shoes. A visitor who has been removed is not entitled to compensation.
• Entrance tickets and restaurant vouchers may not be returned or exchanged for cash or entrance tickets exchanged for different seasons. Misuse of entrance tickets will be reported.
• Children aged 0 to 12 and young people (12 – 16) may not visit the park without supervision.
• The unauthorized appropriation of products or goods presented for disposal or destruction is not permitted. Violation of this prohibition is considered theft.

• Visitors must always observe the instructions given by the relevant (Keukenhof) staff, should an accident or an emergency occur.
• Accidents and emergencies must be reported immediately. Keukenhof reception: +31 (0)252 – 465 533. You can also notify a Keukenhof staff member.

• Entering Keukenhof and the parking lots is solely at visitors’ own risk.
• Keukenhof does not accept any liability for loss incurred by visitors unless Keukenhof is liable by virtue of the law, in which case the liability is restricted to the immediate loss.
• If a visitor damages an object belonging to the park, Keukenhof reserves the right to recover all restoration and repair costs from the visitor, without prejudice to Keukenhof’s right to full compensation.
• If damage of whatever kind is caused by an underage visitor, at least by members of a group of visitors, then the parents, supervisors and/or the organisation that has booked a group visit, in addition to the visitors in question, are held jointly and severally liable vis-à-vis the park to compensate the damage caused by the underage visitor or visitors and/or the group member or members.

• Promotional activities, the reselling of entrance tickets, the sale of services and/or articles or holding surveys, censuses and collections in the parking lots, before the entrances and in the park are not permitted without the written consent of management.
• Taking photographs and filming is permitted in Keukenhof, however, this is exclusively for personal use. Publication of image or sound material is prohibited unless written permission by Keukenhof management has been obtained to publish this material. Keukenhof is the owner of all intellectual property rights including copyrights, trademarks, design rights and/or patent rights held by the flower park or related to it. The use of Keukenhof’s intellectual property rights without prior written permission from the Keukenhof’s board of directors is prohibited.
• Visitors accept that they may possibly be filmed in the park for a variety of purposes, including safety purposes. Keukenhof always retains the right to use this material for publication.
• By purchasing an entrance ticket, visitors accept the application of these terms and conditions.
• Keukenhof retains the right to change prices, these general terms conditions and special conditions without stating reasons.

• The law of the Netherlands is applicable to the agreement between visitors and Keukenhof. All disputes relating to the agreement may only be put before the competent Court in The Hague.