In recent months Keukenhof has prepared everything to be able to open the famous spring park. Keukenhof has had many consultations with various authorities because we are convinced that the park can open safely to please many visitors. The Netherlands are still however under lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and Keukenhof’s 2021 set up was modified to this end.

Unfortunately, on 10 March 2021, Keukenhof was informed that no permission would be given to open to the public on 20 March despite the measures implemented. This year, Keukenhof was set to only open as a park where people can take walks and enjoy the tulips in the open air. All the buildings were to stay closed, only limited numbers of visitors would be admitted, tickets could only be ordered in advance online for specific timeslots and mechanical turnstiles had been installed so visitors could enter the park without coming into physical contact with others.

Bart Siemerink, director: “It’s enormously disappointing to everyone involved at Keukenhof that we once again cannot open this year. According to the Covid-19 rules it would be perfectly safe to take a walk around Keukenhof. Last year, we were surprised by Covid-19 and couldn’t open the park. This year, we are fully prepared for Covid-19 and it is hard to understand that people can walk around any park in the Netherlands, except Keukenhof”.

The park measures some 32 hectares (50 soccer fields) and has 15 km of footpaths. This would allow Keukenhof to provide a nice day out in the open air, in a safe, controlled environment.

Keukenhof spent a year on preparations. Alongside the disappointment that the park cannot open on 20 March 2021, this also has major financial consequences for Keukenhof and for many of the companies involved as suppliers or from the horticultural or tourist industries.

Keukenhof is the international showcase for the Dutch floricultural sector that we create together with hundreds of floriculture companies. It is the icon of Holland. The 72nd Keukenhof season is scheduled to run until 9 May. In 2019 some 1.5 million people visited Keukenhof, of whom 20% from the Netherlands (300,000) and 80% from abroad.

As soon as it is possible to open again, Keukenhof will do so. The park is already starting to bloom wonderfully and is ready and waiting for visitors.