No rose show in Keukenhof this year, but a beautiful rose greeting to all mothers in the world. Now that people cannot visit Keukenhof for the rose show, the flower park is bringing the roses to people’s homes. An ode to love, romance and all mothers in the world with a heart of red roses.

In order to give these beautiful flowers the attention they deserve, Keukenhof, together with the rose growers, made a colourful heart with over 8,000 red roses. The result can be seen in a beautiful video.

The rose show in Keukenhof shows a huge assortment every year. One hundred rose growers show 350 different kinds of roses. More than 30,000 roses are cut. This flower show is loved by visitors to Keukenhof due to its high quality and wide range.

Keukenhof and the rose growers wish all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day!