Tickets up to 200 persons

Can ticket quantities be modified?
Tickets purchased through can be modified to another quantity, another day or timeslot until 7 days before arrival.
Must tickets be paid for immediately?
Tickets ordered through have to be paid immediately.
Can I rebook tickets to another timeslot?
Tickets purchased through can be modified to another date or timeslot until 7 days before arrival.

Tickets from 200 persons

Do the tickets have to be paid for right away?
Reservations made using the Keukenhof Reseller Portal can be confirmed and paid for immediately. This makes the booking definitive. You can also option a reservation. This then has to be reconfirmed and paid for 4 weeks before the group’s arrival at the latest. You will be emailed a reminder 5 weeks, at the latest, before your group’s arrival. Reservations that have not been confirmed and paid for 4 weeks before arrival will lapse.
How many tickets can I order for my groups?
There is a maximum number of tickets that every Keukenhof business contact may purchase for reservations. This number is based on previous purchases and expectations for 2021. If you want more information, please send an e-mail to
How much do group tickets cost?
If you purchase 200 or more tickets per season, you pay € 16 per ticket for adults instead of the € 19 ticket office price. Children’s tickets cost you € 8 instead of € 9, and parking vouchers cost € 5 instead of the ticket office price of € 6.
Can I rebook tickets to another timeslot?
You can modify your booking until 4 weeks before the group arrives. Inside 4 weeks before a group’s arrival, bookings can be shifted to another available timeslot or another date.
What if I am not going to make my timeslot?
For tickets booked using the Keukenhof Reseller Portal (200 and over per season) you get an arrival margin of 1 hour before and 1 hour after the timeslot you booked.
Can I organise tickets using a voucher or consignment?
In connection with the guidelines, voucher or consignment contracts will no longer be possible in 2021.
How long can my group spend in the park?
In our experience, most visitors spend 3 hours at Keukenhof.
Do all the tickets have to be printed out individually?
To make life easier for you and your guests, we will be introducing the group barcode for the 2021 season. This does mean that the group should report to the ticket entrance together and at the same time. Individual visitors then no longer have to show their own barcode.
Can the number of tickets be modified up or down depending on how the size of the group develops?
You can modify your booking until 4 weeks before the group’s arrival. Inside the 4 week period, you can only adjust the group’s size by a maximum of 10%. This 10% will then be settled with you. If a timeslot is full, we cannot issue extra tickets for it.

The park

How does Keukenhof implement Covid-19 measures at the park?
Keukenhof adheres to the guidelines as laid down in the ‘Veilig Samen Uit’ [safe out together] protocol drawn up for major daytime attractions in the Netherlands. We implement measures suitable for the so-called 1.5-metre economy [social distancing], provide sufficient, clear information as well as additional hygiene measures. Keukenhof can receive a maximum number of visitors per day. To prevent busy times during the day, we have implemented timeslots.
What if there is a travel ban next spring due to Covid-19 or Keukenhof isn’t allowed to open?
Cancellations related to the government measures in place at the time will be honoured.
Where can I book a guided tour?
In connection with Covid-19 measures no guided tours will be available for groups in 2021.
Can I take a cruise through the park?
Tickets for a cruise through the bulb fields surrounding Keukenhof cannot be purchased from yet. Further information will be provided.
When is the Flower Parade?
It’s not possible to watch the Flower Parade near Keukenhof this year. The corona measures make that impossible. The Flower Parade with thousands of visitors along the route cannot be organized as you are used to.


Does a tour leader, guide or driver need to pay for a ticket?
As per usual a free ticket will be issued for the tour leader, guide or driver at the ticket office upon presentation of your booking.