Practical information

When will Keukenhof be open in 2024?
In 2024 Keukenhof will be open daily from 21 March – 12 May from 08.00 – 19.30.
How can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be bought via Tickets can be purchased online. The tickets are valid on a specific date during the opening season with arrival expected during a predetermined timeslot.
What does a ticket cost?
Ticket sales are through Tickets are available online and valid on a fixed date in a predetermined time slot.
  • Entrance ticket adult: € 19,50 (ticket office € 23.00)
  • Entrance ticket child 4-17 years: € 9,00 (0 to 3 years free)
  • Parking car or motor: € 8,00
When is the best time to visit Keukenhof?
Flowering at Keukenhof parallels that in nature. That is why we cannot say in advance which time is the best to visit Keukenhof. The crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and early tulips flower at the start of the season. Other flowers bloom later in the season such as the (larger) tulips. Our pavilions feature entrancing flower shows from the first to the last day of the season. Click here for the latest flower report.
Want to enjoy the peace and quiet of Keukenhof? It is less busy before 10.30 and after 16:00. The light of the morning and evening sun allows you to take wonderful photographs. It is also less busy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday than on the other days of the week.
How can I buy a combi ticket (entrance + public transport)?
With public transport you travel quickly and comfortably to Keukenhof. Buy a combiticket to get both your entrance ticket for Keukenhof and the ticket for your journey by public transport on that day. Combitickets are available in the online ticket shop.