Keukenhof remained closed again in the 2021 season as a result of the lockdown. The park was only allowed to open as a test for six days; 27,000 people had a colourful day. Fortunately, almost 20 million people could virtually enjoy the flourishing display of the flower and bulb sector.

The fact that Keukenhof was not allowed to open is a disappointment for the organization, which has done everything to open corona proof. Only outdoor activities were planned and all buildings would remain closed. In the 32-hectare park, a limited number of visitors should have been able to enjoy a safe day out. After all, keeping your distance is not a problem and it is known that hardly any contamination occurs in the open air. Hundreds of thousands of visitors could not go to Keukenhof this spring. The few visitors during test days visibly enjoyed the splendour of flowers and adhered well to the standard corona rules.

Keukenhof virtually open

People enjoyed the colourful videos of the flower park at home. Keukenhof produced videos for social media, with new images of the blooming park every week. Keukenhof also had a lot of PR for flowers on television with various documentaries and items from Holland, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, US to China and Japan. The typical Dutch flower images were broadcasted all over the world. This way, Keukenhof was able to be the worldwide showcase for floriculture in a different way.

Keukenhof in 2022

For Keukenhof, it was the second season in a row with virtually no income ”, says Bart Siemerink, managing director. “We have invested in new ticket systems to spread visitor numbers over the season and during the day. That way, all visitors can experience a beautiful day among the flowers. We are now working towards the next season and look forward to showing our park to visitors again in 2022. Fortunately, we have been able to keep costs under control this year, and we can survive this difficult period. ”

Keukenhof will be open in 2022 from March 24 untill May 15.