Keukenhof: a look behind the scenes

‘An eight weeks spring opening takes ten months to prepare.’

‘What happens in the park when it is closed?’, Keukenhof gets asked about frequently. The mini-series of videos “Keukenhof behind the scenes” show what has to be done to create a colourful park in spring.

Nothing is left to chance when making the most beautiful spring garden in the world. The seven million bulbs that are planted every year have to be in the ground before Christmas. After a hibernation, the flower bulbs bloom in spring resulting in a colourful park.

Planting bulbs by hand, one at a time

A beautiful flower bulb park does not just arise of its own accord. In spring, the designer works on the design of the garden, together with the bulb growers who supply the flower bulbs. Designs are made and from October the flower bulbs are planted.

In this video, the Keukenhof gardeners show that planting flower bulbs is a precise job. They have to plant exactly the right colour and type of flower bulbs. The bulbs should not only be planted at a certain depth, but the distance between the bulbs is also important for a beautiful effect. In spring, visitors can see for themselves whether the gardeners did a good job.

Keukenhof will be open in 2021 from March 20 to May 9.